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The first innovation platform for utilities with a focus on energy, mobility, smart city and IT. myinnoHUB supports you in managing your innovation process, innovation scouting and the development of new business models.

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Boosting your innovation process

myinnoHUB has set itself the goal of supporting energy suppliers and municipal utilities in the design of their innovation management. You can structure your innovation process with a lean process management tool. In contrast to conventional tools, items supports you by connecting to the largest startup community in Germany directly in the brainstorming and acquisition of potential implementation partners. Just as you are used to from items - very close to the implementation.

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myinnoHUB for startup scouting

With myinnoHUB you got a powerful tool for your individual startup scouting. The platform is linked to Innoloft, German largest startup community and presents almost every energy tech startup, categorized by industries to suit your individual scouting behaviour best.

myinnoHUB for innovation scouting and partnering

myinnoHUB supports you in finding new, innovative project ideas, brought by tech startups to the community. Browse to all available innovation projects or be inspired by the automatic matching algorithm. Simply fill out your partner requests and you will be automatically connected with potential startups that suit your needs.

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Boost your innovation process, efficiently and closely related to implementation!

Innovation process management with myinnoHUB

Create Post

You or your employees can share a topic with the community by creating a post. Who is the topic aimed at? Which topics are affected by your contribution? What are the underlying problems and effects of your topic? Do you already have ideas for implementing the topic? Provide sources and media that illustrate or support the topic.


Once your topic is published, every member of the platform has the opportunity to view your post, contribute ideas, comment and discuss. In this phase ideas are generated and information is collected. Opportunities and risks are debated and the most popular ideas are marked.


In the evaluation phase, you and your employees have the opportunity to evaluate the ideas that have been generated for the contribution and to offer yourself as a possible project manager.

The better the evaluation of an idea is and the more employees offer to contribute, the higher the probability that the idea will be implemented.

We create an innovation process in which you and your employees participate.


Follow the dashboard as an idea moves through the different phases: From posting, brainstorming and generating ideas, to the subsequent evaluation and assessment of ideas, to the implementation and completion of an idea.

In the Contribution Dashboard, you and your employees can track how the process has evolved at any time.

Thus the innovation process of a contribution is 100% transparent for every myinnoHUB user.


On myinnoHUB, users talk about the type of partners they are looking for. This might be pilot customers, development partners to prototype an innovative idea or business modell, a sales partner to increase sales of an existing product or an investor to finance a promising company. Join the community to discover, what is in for you!

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About items

items has made a name for itself as a full-service IT service provider for the utilities industry and public transport in the years following its foundation in 1999.

The term "full service" refers to a range of services that covers the entire value chain from consulting to implementation, from IT and application services to business process services.

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